Interventional Pain Management includes targeted injections of steroids and delivery of other modalities to control pain by modulating nerves in the human body. This is done in the case of chronic pain, which is defined as pain lasting more than three to six months without any ongoing tissue injury. Many of these patients have sought out care with multiple medical providers without relief of their pain. Physicians specializing in this field bring unique skills to their management.

It is the goal of Dr. Omar D. Vidal, MD to promote this practice and also to educate the public and patients as to the opportunities that are available to them to live with less pain. The goal of interventional pain management is to promote increased functional capacity in patients so they can go about their usual daily activities. Interventional pain management may or may not be augmented by the use of medications which may include traditional pain medicines or other medications to successfully manage these patients. It is the belief of AIP that when medications are used proper monitoring of the patients should be performed to prevent side effects and/or misuse of medications.

Specialty of Pain Medication

The specialty of Pain Medicine is concerned with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of painful disorders. Such disorders may have pain and associated symptoms arising from a discrete cause, such as postoperative pain or pain associated with a malignancy, or may be syndromes in which pain constitutes the primary problem, such as neuropathic (meaning nerve-related) pain or headaches.